Simmon Wagner

Life is an awesome first draft ready for a rewrite.

 Praise others Celebrate each moment. Be passionate in the direction of your life – it always takes you where you need to be, even if sometimes your mind can’t make sense of it. And success? … define it for yourself ❤🙏xxx

Energy first! When you truly know your value, people feel the energy you bring to a space. Energy is my currency – soft, pliable, willing, creative creating.Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 4.05.14 pm Born in New Zealand, I am a woman of Ngati Porou, Ngati Maru and Irish descent,  living in Australia, keeping authenticity and not perfection in the world of writing, health, wellness, fashion, art and relationships.

Be Soft

I am a Melbourne based writer, a writer’s voice gathered from working as a writer, model, private investigator, fashion stylist and journalist. I write weekly as a film reviewer here in Australia for a local and global audience and in my second job, as a fashion content and marketing copywriter for a Sydney based, Australian Fashion House.

* Movie Reviews – covering new releases from Madman Entertainment, Universal Pictures, Disney and others
* Writing Fashion Copy that engages and builds their online shopping audiences
* Corporate profiles and interviews
* Special event copy
* Social media posts and blog posts showcasing hot new products and equally hot vintage classics
* Staff profiles
* Website refresh or rewrite.

My down time is spent, getting up super early to write – 4.45 am starts, exercise, try and meditate and ease into yoga – I’ve learnt, I super need to begin my days soft and easy – before getting my youngest daughter up and ready for primary school.

I believe in micronutrients and the power of green juicing.

I believe in trying to be disciplined enough to complete my first novel a psychological thriller 

20 seconds of insane courage.png

This is my way of life,at this moment!  

My favourite review picks:

My review about Iconic Australian Rock and Roll legends, Midnight Oil

And this action packed tomb raider

And my first movie review

DCF 1.0

Find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Movie Critic,Style Blogger

and at

Writing inspired today, playing fashion sleuth in South Molton street London – I loved moving in London’s mass of humanity – needing to be somewhere or as in this moment, me needing to be nowhere at all.’
#travelwanderer #southmoltonstreet #flashbacktuesday’ #theloveauthentic

Thanks for dropping in. xxx

– Simmon Wagner


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