Simmon Wagner

Life is an awesome first draft.

  BE the best YOU – Be curious, trust and make the next right move.

Energy first! When you truly know your value, people feel the energy you bring to a space. Energy is my currency – soft, pliable, willing, dedicated, focused, creative creating.

And success? … define it for yourself ❤🙏xxx

Hi, I’m Simmon Wagner – an Author, Award Winning Freelance Content Creator, Writer, Writing Coach and Founder of TheWeWrite Magazine.

After years working as a daily news Journalist, Movie Reviewer, Fashion Model, Private Investigator, Movie Star fashion Stylist and in Sales for many years, I’m now a full-time Freelance Writer, helping government, private enterprise and industries with business writing workshops, great website content and making time for me – working on my first psychological thriller novel.

I believe in micronutrients and the power of green juicing.

I believe in trying to be disciplined enough to complete my first novel a psychological thriller 

20 seconds of insane courage.png

This is my way of life,at this moment!  

My favourite review picks:

My review about Iconic Australian Rock and Roll legends, Midnight Oil

And this action packed tomb raider

And my first movie review

DCF 1.0

Find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Movie Critic,Style Blogger

and at

Writing inspired today, playing fashion sleuth in South Molton street London – I loved moving in London’s mass of humanity – needing to be somewhere or as in this moment, me needing to be nowhere at all.’
#travelwanderer #southmoltonstreet #flashbacktuesday’ #theloveauthentic

Thanks for dropping in. xxx

– Simmon Wagner

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